We specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of neurologic and musculoskeletal disorders. While best known for our expertise in the fields of sports medicine and spine care, we routinely treat a wide variety of conditions. In addition to routine non-operative care we also provide the latest in minimally invasive and reconstructive surgery of the spine.

Our Philosophy

Our approach is to offer comprehensive care based upon the combined expertise of multiple specialists. From initial diagnosis to completion, we provide in-house access to physician assessment, physical therapy, conditioning, radiology, injection therapy, pain management and surgery of the spine when needed; everything a patient needs in order to return to a healthy lifestyle.

Our Approach

Having all of our service in-house allows us to work side-by-side, which is of great benefit to the patient, Physicians, PA’s nurses, therapists, radiologists, myotherapists and your referring physician all work closely together to ensure communication and treatment is consistent and thorough.

Our Goal

To provide the highest quality and most comprehensive care to every patient we see in order to maximize your return to full health in the shortest time.


All Pioneer Spine and Sports Physicians are members of SPINE. SPINE is a network of Western New England physicians providing multi-disciplinary, coordinated diagnosis and treatment of back and neck conditions.